Rashes, sores and burns can result if the pads are not absorbent enough, or changed frequently enough. In addition, leakage can be a problem, both when out and about, or at home, where frequent clothes and linen changes may be needed.   Liphook Mobility are your one stop local incontinence needs supplier, with a top quality range of products and first class customer service.

We stock the very highest quality of incontinence protection from the Lille incontinence range.  This offers both wearer and carer complete peace of mind when you order from us.  The feedback we've received about Lille has been very impressive. Customers have reported that they have been changing the pads less due to the great absorbency, and have also told us that they have also reduced the amount of washing and laundry. Great for a care home environment, where the carer can then spend better quality time with their patients, and also for the domestic home where something as simple as improving incontinence protection can make a profound difference to the quality of life of both the wearer and other family members.  Wearers tell us that the pads are comfortable and reliable to wear, allowing them more freedom and confidence.  Most importantly, the excellent absorbency and quality that Lille offers ensure better health benefits.  Urine can cause burns and sores if left in contact with the skin.  Premium Lille technology helps to eliminate this painful problem.  There are a wide range of products for both day and night time use, all with excellent absosrbency.

Incontinenence is something that many people suffer from at some stage in their lives.  It's one of those awkward things that people don't like to talk about, so it can be difficult to find the right product to suit the user, and avoid the many health complications that can arise if Incontinence isn't treated correctly. 


We believe that peace of mind is paramount with incontinence, so we now offer a FREE local incontinence delivery service, where a discreet monthly delivery can be made to your home at a time that suits you.  We will bring any pads, gloves, wipes or aprons that you need, without you having to think ahead and order.  We also pledge to always keep 'ONE IN STOCK'.  You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that should your needs change, or you need emergency supplies, we will always keep a spare pack in stock EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU.  Should the worst happen, just get in touch.  Should your needs change, just let us know, and we'll make sure that you will always have what you need to hand.

Call us on 01428 722900 to find out how we can help you manage your incontinence needs.